8 Inspirational Smokey Eyes Most Favorite

The technique of smokey eyes is how to apply the darkest shadow to crease of your eye. Accentuating the sharpness of the shade around the eyelides by using dark shadow is one of the ways of this makeup technique. Brown smokey eyes is the classic one, but other variant shades are so lovely for every occasion either formal or non formal event. Well, as the references for you in applying it, let’s check these inspirational smokey eyes most favorite.

Amazing Makeup Look Types in The World

Face appearance is a very important thing for every woman. For that, various kinds of makeup products are presented specifically to meet the needs of women. There are various styles of makeup use. The difference in makeup style arises because of differences in beauty standards in various countries. Thailand Makeup Look source This Thai style […]

Amazing Makeup Inspirations From Adele

Every fashion style, hairstyle and makeup of the faces of world celebrities must always be the thing that attracts media and public attention. Adele’s facial makeup is always a media and public concern. Now along with its rising popularity, the Grammy Awards award winner always looks stunning with her flawless makeup. Glossy lips look source […]

Korean Lipstick Color Inspirations for Spring

Currently in South Korea it has entered spring. One of the easiest things to look different this spring is to change the color of your lipstick. The following are some Korean lipstick colors that are suitable for use in spring. Neutral Pink source Pink is a classic color that is suitable to be applied in […]

Makeup Trends that Will Disappear in 2019

Like a spinning wheel, the makeup trend will always change. There is a makeup trend that has been left behind, but some have survived. Following are the makeup trends that will disappear in 2019: Matte Eyeshadow source Matte eyeshadow dominates the makeup trends in 2018. But this makeup is predicted to be abandoned in 2019. […]

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